Charting a course through Maine, guided by affordability

We started Outer Reach Broadband in January 2020 with one simple mission guiding us: to bring internet service to those in Maine who need it. In economic or political discussions this is often referred to as “closing the digital divide,” but for us it is a simple North Star that drives everything we do each day. Little did we know at the time, but 2020 would bring to light the harsh reality of internet disparity amongst those in more populated areas and those in more rural areas. When the internet is the sole connection point to the outside world, as it was for so many once the pandemic hit, its importance and value in everyday life cannot be ignored. 

If bringing internet service to every corner of Maine is our North Star, ensuring that we’re offering affordable service is our compass. Expanding access to high-speed internet means nothing if that access is financially prohibitive to end users. We are quite cognizant of the fact that Maine’s median household income of $59k is roughly 10% below the national average. Further, per the Island Institute, “40 percent of households making less than $20,000 do not have broadband; just 5 percent of households making $75,000 or more are without broadband.” 

The impacts of broadband access on a community cannot be overstated. We know that when reliable internet comes to a community employment goes up, education goes up, real estate values go up and access to telehealth improves. Proverbially, rising tides do raise all ships in this case. As Mainers ourselves, we want to see the state and its people reach its full potential. Internet access, or lack thereof, should not be a deterrent to that success. 

We are on a mission to help address these issues by leveraging both fiber optic and fixed wireless technology to deliver affordable, high-speed access to Mainers in need as soon as we are able. As we have detailed, fixed wireless technologies can be deployed on a much shorter and more economical timeframe than fiber to the home networks. Furthermore, with the newest generation of fixed wireless technology we are also able to deliver you a high-speed connection at an affordable price. 

Having said all of the above, let’s investigate whether Outer Reach can partner with you and your community to improve your connectivity. Reach out to us and let’s take the conversation to the next level.