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Here at Outer Reach Broadband, we're dedicated to our customers. Our goal is to provide internet service throughout Maine, connecting homes and bridging the digital divide.

We strive for excellent customer service and work hard to bring you internet speeds that match your needs. Try our broadband calculator to see how much speed your household really needs to stay connected.

You may find you're paying for more than you use. Let's see if you're in our providing areas and we can help you transition. Outer Reach Broadband, where internet service meets customer service.

Broadband Calculator

How much bandwidth do I need?

How much speed do you need? Our bandwidth calculator can determine your current estimated usage. So, let's see how much internet speed your household needs to stay connecting on all of your devices. In only a few quick clicks, you'll see if you're paying for more speed than you need.
How many people in your home use the internet?
Number of Smart TVs/Streaming devices in home?
Number of Smart phones in your home?
Number of laptops or desktops in your home?
How many gaming consoles (PS4, Xbox, etc) in your home?
How many tablets in your home?
How many Smart home devices (Echo, Google Home, etc) in your home?
How frequently do you use Smart TVs?
How frequently do you use Smart phones?
How frequently do you use laptop/desktops?
How frequently do you use tablets?
Does your household stream on multiple devices at once? How many?
Does your household stream in 4K?

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Now that we have a better idea of your bandwidth needs let’s find the plan that’s right for you. The first step is to check what services we have available in your neighborhood.

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