Google My Business – Free Online Class

A step-by-step guide to creating your account and claiming your business profile.


In this video we cover how to:

✅Set up your account Google my Business account & profile

✅How to claim your Google my Business profile

✅How to manage and maintain your Google my Business profile

✅The key benefits of having a Google my Business

✅How to request Google reviews

✅How to respond to positive and negative Google reviews

✅How to leverage your Google my Business profile for growth and recognition

Scroll below the video for timestamps.

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– Timestamps –

00:00 – Intro

00:41 – Overview

00:57 – What is Google my Business

01:42 – Account vs Profile

03:09 – Benefits of Google my Business

05:53 – Setting up Google my Business Account

09:30 – Verifying Google my Business Account

09:45 – Claim Google my Business Profile

10:15 – How to add content to your profile and account

10:50 – Signing into account – Account Access

11:48 – Key information to include in account

14:00 – How to set up special features and buttons

15:26 – Maintenance and management of account and profile

16:15 – Requesting and Responding to Google reviews overview

16:48 – Best way to request reviews

18:13 – How to respond to Google reviews

21:01 – Reasons to respond to negative Google reviews

21:40 – How to leverage your Google my Business Profile for growth and recognition

24:43 – Thank you & special discount offer