Outer Reach Broadband’s Commitment: Actual vs. Theoretical Serviceable Area

At Outer Reach Broadband, our guiding principle is to deliver quality internet service to Mainers in all corners of the state and to try to provide service to those living without connectivity. We take this very seriously, especially the “quality” part. To that point, some may wonder why we conduct a home visit – Step 2 of our Customer Experience – before confirming any new account. It’s a simple reason, really: we want to be absolutely certain that we can deliver a dependable, high-speed internet connection. 

Before launching our services in a new area, our talented engineering team will run signal test after signal test to ensure our network equipment is properly calibrated and ready to provide high-speed connectivity to that community. Even with the thorough nature of our testing, we take the extra step of ensuring we’ll be able to deliver your home a high quality, reliable internet connection. 

More specifically, we use mapping technology to understand the theoretical total serviceable area for a tower, but after the network is operating we must have a better understanding of the actual serviceable area with actual test results. Many companies will rely on their theoretical mapping and provide service to every address within this range, even though theory and practice are quite different for telecommunications networks, especially the farther you move away from the tower location. Technically, yes, an address within the range can be signed up for service, but they’re likely to face more frequent service disruptions and unreliable signal strength. At Outer Reach, we only serve homes that we determine to fall within our strict parameters of distance and signal strength, thereby guaranteeing our promise. This can mean that sometimes even if we’re available in your area, we may not be able to serve your home. Fear not, as we are continually growing and expanding our network coverage across the state of Maine, so be sure to sign up here to be notified once we are in your area.